web3 marketplace for token referals, NFT and crypto bot strategies. This project is based on and

Technologies used by WebZap to develop this plattform: React/Next.js, C#, Python, Solidity, AWS, Unity, Blender


Automated WordPress maintenance plattform as a subscription model.

With easy to use migration tools, malware scanning and uptime monitor, WebZap is able to offer WordPress maintenance for a very competitive pricing.

Open Source

GitHub Repository

We are doing great stuff, and mostly we’re never going to sell it. That’s why we use our public GitHub Repositories to make them available for others.

And we are happy to contribute to other projects as well, with tickets and pull requests.

AI Art

AI Art Collection

What we do for fun? AI Art!

We are early adopter for all the new AI possibilities. Like Stable Diffusion AI art or GitHub Copilot for coding. In the next decade, this will disrupt the way we work, live and create.

How cool is that?